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My name is Shinil Vaish. I’m an IT professional, a solo traveller, an adventure seeker, a nemophilist and a wildlife-photographer.   I’m in the IT…


Road Trip



Every day we ride our dreams on this bumpy, rocky road

To fulfill our lives and our mind with an illusion of the fascinating goals


Why fight for our existence and identity in this concrete jungle of unknowns

We all are strangers and lost in the world, where we somehow don’t belong


Just buckle up the belt and hit the road

Let our wanderlust drive us crazy, for some more

To the places that are real and beautiful

But are not so familiar and deeply known


It’s not just a road trip but a journey-inside

To get lost and untame the wild

We need to get lost a little more

To find ourselves and connect with our inner soul


To begin and enjoy this mystical ride

We just need to hit the road!!! 

15 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Do you remember that famous dialogue by Yoda in Star Trek ? “The fear of loss is a path to the dark side.”
    I am happy that you are not even scared with this CORONA and taking out some personal time enjoying life style like a traveler.
    Keep doing & Keep sharing !!

  2. Great post! It’s special for remembering that our mind needs to rest. We have to make a ride a drive and drive alone, not thinking in what is happening around us. We are like an angry ocean with waves of up to ten meters, so we must return to being a calm and serene ocean. From peace and calm, we will take life in a different way and begin to realize that external demands are so artificial that we will not only find them ridiculous but they will cease to interest us.

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