My name is Shinil Vaish. I’m an IT professional, a solo traveller, an adventure seeker, a nemophilist and a wildlife-photographer.   I’m in the IT…


Pugmarks 🐾



It was my first safari drive

We were chasing the tigers and were being chased in the wild


The jungle was turning dark and silent

But we were determined to explore this island


Reading pugmarks during the ride

Thrilled and excited just for a sight



She was resting in the pond

The water was silent in the midst of the storm


Her reflection was naked inside the water

There was a thin line between her soft heart and ferocious power


Cameras were rolling to shoot those stripes

Capturing the moment of the lifetime sight



I wanted us to be framed together

She posed elegantly and did me a favor



A little later she got up and stretched

I was still trying to capture us through the lens


The next moment she was standing beside

And was directly looking into my eyes


I was happy and so scared

Failing to understand this wildly affair


She wished me birthday and smiled

The fearless beauties were free in the wild!

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