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Lockdown 2020: A Time for Reflection


Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.”– John Adams

How easy it’s for us to run an antivirus on our devices and make them virus free and healthy again. I wish it would have been true for COVID -19 also which has infected Year 2020.

The time is tough and the only option left with us to fight against this pandemic is to stay at home and play our responsibility towards ourselves and mankind.

The news of so many people falling ill all around the world has made us stop and think hard about life and what is really important to us. ‘We should respect TIME as our life clock is not energized for eternity‘! So we need to really take a hard look on how we are spending it.

Be passionate about your aims and goals but just don’t forget to love and live with your family and friends, spending some quality time with your children. Having a future plan is good but don’t forget to live in the present moment.

In India, we are in lockdown state for more than a month now, a trait that has helped humans in challenging times is the ability to change and adapt to the demand of the situation. Although I’m missing my car, long drives and my wanderlust to explore the new places the most but life has not STOPPED.

The office routine for most of us has changed and yet work gets done which makes me wonder what is necessary in our work lives and what is avoidable! The daily commute! A no. of daily face2face meetings!

What is essential to make our work life meaningful? 

Necessity is the mother of invention– this proverb holds true for me most of the time. Digital Transformation has made our life so easier and connected…

Missing your family or friend! Oh baby let’s do a video call👀

Want to buy some daily needs stuff! Order online 🍎🍋🍇🥦🧀🍞

Want some restaurant food! “We are open and delivering but in this situation please avoid eating outside food”🙏🏼

For a girl like me who lives on street food this is really a hard time to control your cravings😋 for so long. But where there is a will there is a way, I thought about learning these cuisines from YouTube videos and tried my hands on cooking.

A big Thank you to ‘Milkbasket’ and delivery guys😎 for delivering all veggies and spices that were required for the recipes at my door step and helping me to learn new skills safely by staying at home.

A snapshot of some dishes I have learnt and prepared till date is captured below. Although I cooked all these dishes first time but somehow the taste of all I prepared was delicious😉 A girl who handles camera and her wilderness was pretty good in handling the food cravings also through her cooking spirit during this lockdown.



This is just a start 👩🏻‍🍳😉…exploring my unexplored skills and keeping up with these tough times.

We all are experimenting new things during this lockdown. I have shared my experience, feel free to share your’s in the comment section and let’s build each other.

Stay home, Stay safe and Stay lively!

12 thoughts on “Lockdown 2020: A Time for Reflection

  1. Hi Shinil, nice to see this hidden skill of yours – all the items look yummy!!! – Excellent:-)
    As rightly said, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” – situation is making us all very creative and giving time to tap some of our internal hidden skills unexplored.
    With passion for Automobile I am spending lots of time on embedded software implemented for AI and ML derived in modern cars.
    Bottomline…next time whenever I am in Delhi and need yummy delicious food I know the best place to visit 🙂 Keep it up Shinil!!!!

  2. Great cooking, Shinil 😄👍🏻

    During this lockdown, we witnessed lot of beautiful birds coming back in the vicinity which were otherwise almost extinct. You may continue clicking them, an opportunity to stay active on wildlife photography. This lockdown was very much required for everyone, all of us observed the peace, time and real nature around us, which was not the case otherwise. For a change, Jalandhar residents could view Dhualdhar’s mountain range from naked eyes, which was impossible otherwise.

    Happy Locking down self 😄👍🏻

  3. You are a truly creative soul, you know how to break boundaries and barriers be it when you are travelling or at home. You know well what most people miss during their lifetimes i.e. how to make each moment count. Keep going girl!!

  4. Fine way of explaining, and nice article to take information about my presentation topic, which i am going to deliver in university.

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